''You can close your heart, and you can sleep even with your eyes closed, but you can never close your ears.”

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Veronica Lake’s hair, c1941

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why is the rock against fascism thing bullshit?? just curious cos i dont really understand what you meant by that?

Ily friend

I personally don’t like this whole “rock against rich” thing I suppose. Because when you think about it, rock and roll actually created polished surfaces and walls between artists and the audience. (rnr lifestyle etc) We can’t deny that it was sort of an escapism. Plus why was it called “rock against fascism”? Why do you name it after only one genre of music anyways? That is actually fascism??? I mean why was it only rock and roll? I mean some beatle chords can’t be the only way to penetrate peoples minds??

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More everyday fashion, 1939

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Great Balls of Fire (1989)

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1978, Rock Against Facism

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