''You can close your heart, and you can sleep even with your eyes closed, but you can never close your ears.”

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mom: hannah what are you thankful for
me: mother i am thankful for old rockstars
mom: hannah i—
me: and how they can still find the time in their busy schedule to be other worldly attractive after all these years
mom: what
me: bless

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A copy of the pencil drawing Rory drew of Bob Dylan for his sister Patricia who passed away a few years back. Sent in to Rory’s fan page on Facebook by George Kitteringham (brother to the late Eric Kitteringham, bass play in the original Taste).

is this a fucking joke

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A Python Photo Session During Rehearsals at Acton Working Mens Club (October 1970)

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1950s Greaser leaving high school and about to start up his motorbike.

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Rory Gallagher will be your end

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Elvis Costello, Joe Strummer and Courtney Love in Straight to Hell (1987)